Fred Dryer Productions, submitted by Taco. Some of you may remember Fred Dryer as the star of the popular TV series “Hunter.” Most of you won’t remember him at all. The Fred Dryer Productions website is so cutting edge, it appears to have been put together with crappy Microsoft Frontpage Templates. Construction aside, this site gives us an interesting glimpse into the mind of a guy who has apparently appeared on TV several times.

Like all celebrity sites, its use was to respond to the inquiries I was getting from my fans. But, very quickly those responses turned into an exciting business venture. Since the opening of our store last November, our monthly hits have soared past 70,000. We are constantly adding to the product line, so please let me know what you would like to see. Right now I’m offering my latest film Highway 395. This action thriller is available to my fan base for a limited period of time. So see below and order a copy now! Thanks again and welcome to

Why yes, this is a major business! You can shop at the official Fred Dryer store! At least the guy has a sense of humor (I hope this is his sense of humor!)

I am a hat expert with many years of hat wearing diversification and these beautifully stitched lids are great! You can even wear them backwards if you want!

Okay, I admit it, this site isn’t that bad. I just wanted to mention it because I think that was the greatest two sentences ever written by man. You can also get plenty of exciting pictures of Fred in a variety of dramatic action poses, all with the word “COPYRIGHT” written over them, presumably to prevent you from legally taking pictures of yourself reacting those poses and profiting from them.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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