Reika's Kigurumi Haven, submitted by SinPrimal. My quest for fulfillment in life had taken me to a variety of interesting and sexy places. I had volunteered in soup kitchens, worked as a social worker for former Everquest addicts, and toured the country with Tandy Computer Whiz Kids, Alec and Shanna, lecturing high schoolers on the dangers of substance abuse. My life couldn't possibly have gotten any more exciting unless I had access to a time machine powered by the sound of applause following emotional breakthroughs in group therapy, and yet something was missing. Some answer that eluded me like the seasoned D&D player skillfully eludes his opponent's iron longsword. The aimless hand of fate had cast me into the throes of despair. But all was not lost, for, as I was about to find out, I had a friend. A sexily dressed friend with a bloated head and huge, soulless eyes. The person I am referring to is none other than Reika.

I know I have been doing a bad job of writing in my journal so I would like to say "sorry". Well I hit 10,000 on my counter last week "yea" I hope I get 10,000 more I would like to thanks kigurumifan for the help with my homepage picture he did a great job on it. ^_^

As far as sheer eroticism goes, this kigurumi fetish (if it even qualifies as a fetish) ranks somewhere between pictures of Ukrainian women's teeth and Ghostbusters slash. Let's cross streams, baby!

– Jedidiah (@notoriousamoeba)

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