Hydras Lair, submitted by Joey. Let me just state for the record that I'm a huge prog rock pussy. I love the bands Ozric Tentacles, Porcupine Tree, and Rush. When I told this to Dr. Thorpe after I met him in person during Gooncon2k4, he headbutted me into a slot machine, deservedly so. The reason I'm telling you this is because today I'm linking a terrible prog rock band who is being made fun of from a person that can generally tolerate their genre of music. Hydra's Lair is an example of a band lacking musical talent and then calling themselves "prog" so they can get away with it. "Naw man, it doesn't suck, it's just progressive rock brah, deal with it". The songs are boring drivel that go nowhere and make me want to stab my eardrums with a mechanical pencil.

That dude should listen to the sign and stop playing this god awful prog music with his pregnant belly. I bet he's hosting a clone embryo of Geddy Lee. Every prog rock musician must host a Geddy Lee imp for 9 months to be a full member of the society of making long and pointless songs. I bet their wives all give them shit for this hobby too. Take my advice guys, stick to building model planes.

– Reid "Frolixo" Paskiewicz

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