The Christian Gallery - Baby Butcher Cams, submitted by Matt. This Scientology run site features cams to ensure that your meat production is up to health-codes. The last thing you want to know is that your local baby butcher was itching his pubic lice right before he de-boned and de-veined that 10 pounder you ordered butchered last week. Thanks to this is no longer a problem!! It sets up a system of what we like to call "accountability".

See What Is Happening Outside Planned Parenthood Offices and Baby Butchertoriums Across The USA...And the World.

Site Is Under Daily Attack From Blood Soaked Baby Butchers. We Are Presently Rebuilding The Site.

If Site Malfunctions, That's Why!

Oh wait, this site has nothing to do with Scientology, instead it's a Kwazy Anti-Aboshum Site!!! Their so called cams are dismayingly not 24-hour live teen suction abortions, instead they are still photos of people going in and out of abortion clinics. There are also photos of police and security guards at these clinics, there to protect doctors, nurses, and patients from scumbags like these. The probable purpose of these photos and the video clips on the site are not to convince people not to have abortions, but rather to mobilize the fucking nutjob anti-abortion militants into beating up, harrassing, or murdering the people pictured. While it does not expressly state that it declares them evil, calls them murderers, and displays their photos.

It's garbage like these people that give the completely normal and civilized majority of Christianity a bad name. In the event they are reading this I have prepared the following statement. If you are sensitive please do not read on.

Dear Anti-abortion psychopaths,

I intend to travel around the world inseminating teenage girls for the next three months. Once I have positively determined which ones I have successfully inseminated I will coerce them into getting late term abortions. Then I will sneak into the abortion clinics and steal the aborted fetuses and throw them on your lawn. Then I will stand outside your kid's school, if you even have kids, and show them pictures of Japanese fecal porn on giant posters. I will set up streaming webcams of you going to visit your doctor, of you going into strip clubs, and of you buying liqour and paying prostitutes for anal sex.

Then I will publish these pictures and video clips on the Internet and I will charge admission and use the money I raise to fund my next trip around the world to start the whole process all over!


Zack Parsons

AHAHA JUST KIDDING FOLKS! Please note that this does not apply to anyone who is simply anti-abortion. I respect your right to have a differing opinion and your right to attempt to have over 25 years of legal action in favor of abortion overturned by using just and lawful process. I think abortion is in many ways a horrible thing and I sympathize with your opinion.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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