What's this all about? Well, our fearless Internauts forage the web, looking for useful, bizarre and fun web sites.

Linky considers himself something of an intellectual, and tends to choose culturally enriching, "brainier" sites to share with us.

Dinky, on the other hand, cannot seem to keep a serious thought in his head, and quite often veers off into the bizarre, grotesque and far-fetched.

Sometimes they bicker, but as long as you get a cool link or two out of the deal, who cares?

Linky & Dinky are perhaps best known for originating the 2001 "U.S. Presidential I.Q. Hoax." But trolling international news organizations (as well every idiot who forwards you e-mails) nine years ago wasn't enough for these guys. They still issue a "Breaking Cool" newsletter on a weekly basis. This week's crop includes a lame corporate-logo parody, a Conan O'Brien clip, a Carl Sagan quote, some annoying-voiced dude microwaving an iPad, and this thing.

Surely, wilder material can be found in the "Secret Clubhouse," which not only transports you to a much uglier page design but also gives you access to "Linky's Lounge," "Dinky's Dungeon" and the "diabolical snoop resources" of the creepy-sounding Snoop Collection, plus this hideous shirt, all for just $29.99 annually. It requires a pretty large leap of faith to believe their claims about the resources available to members, given the unremarkable nature of what's free to the public, but the sort of people likely to subscribe might be swayed by the "1,000 % Happiness Guarantee."

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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