Menstrual Creativity (thanks Beth) - Before I explain the ALoD, I need to explain its subject. It's a site about creative things to do with menstrual cups. If you're anything like me, the term "menstrual cup" is both terrifying and unfamiliar. A quick search on Wikipedia explained to me that menstrual cups are little rubber or latex cups women jam in their crotch when they're having their period. Unlike a tampon, this does not absorb blood, it just catches it in its cup. Delicious!

Menstrual Creativity provides a cute and cuddly way to store and transport your menstrual cup.

i call these guys "Treasure Teddies" or "Cup Cuddlers", and i'm so happy with how cute and soft and functional they are, that i can't stop making them! Basically, i take the odds and ends of my really soft left-over yarn, and i crochet these little bears to have a hollow tummy. They are the perfect size to hold your menstrual cup, or a rolled up pad, to be set on a shelf, or in your car, or on the sink, and your emergency period protection is right there in the open, and no one the wiser! (i'm a big fan of creative camouflage) Their little heads and arms and legs are stuffed with the scraps from my pad sewing adventures, and they have eyes made from the buttons i've been hoarding since i was a little girl.

I don't want to be too hard on the inventor of the "Cup Cuddlers", but if I was dating a girl and a teddy bear dropped out of her purse with a weird rubber bell sticking out of its guts I might get a little curious. When she explained that it was her oft-used blood catcher I would probably flee. Menstruation is absolutely terrifying to most men, who are actually gigantic babies when it comes to women and bleeding. The only thing that can really comfort guys is to keep things as medical and sterile as possible.

That means don't carry your washable cunt dam around in a teddy bear and rave about its cuteness.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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