AwfulVision™ Presents: Smells Like Youtube Spirit

I don't know how I've managed to not touch on it in the 8 or 9 articles I've written, but a constant source of amusement on Youtube™ is the videos people post of themselves making horrible covers of various songs. Most are absolutely terrible, though some are actually impressive, or somewhat well pulled off.

But as I watch more and more of these very videos, I've noticed that no one can play Smells Like Teen Spirit. Forget how butt-fuckingly easy the song is to begin with; forget that it's usually featured within the first 5 pages of any "SO YOU WANT TO PLAY GUITAR" book; forget that it was written by A: a heroin addict who B: wasn't a very good guitarist to begin with who C: wasn't really well known for playing at the peak of his smacked-up, thimbleful of talent anyway. No one can play it and make it sound halfway decent. No one.

Don't believe me? Fine. Let's start with this obvious inclusion:

Hmm. Okay, you have a point. These kids have obviously been playing their instruments for somewhere between 30 minutes to an hour. Let's see how some girls who are in some exclusive Swedish music school do.


Oh dear.


Ouch. This is worse than I thought. Well, surely professional, big name band "Flyleaf" will be able to pull such a simple song off. I mean, unlike the rest of these fuck ups, "Flyleaf"'s job is playing music.

Ugh... god damn it. Why, oh why, can't people play a simple song? Surely there's someone with the chops to do this swingin' joint justice.

Rock is dead, long live Paul Anka.
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