This video ruined what was left of my life

I am truly disgusted.

Critics Corner™

"im a gay boy and i cant take it up the ass cause my boyfriends got a THICK 10 inch cock. its beautiful and so is he, he just has to be the bottom all the time. sucks for him. i feel bad, i just cant take it.. unless im totally fucked up. its nice to hear that it hurts the girls too.... "

"uhm uhm uhm...youre ugly, youre voice is ugly, youre breathing is ugly and why did you make this stupid video. go to hell "

"I bet you sneak onto farms to get buttfucked by horses. No self-respecting (or self-hating) man with even an average size dick would ever want to fuck you. Heck, even blind guys would feel like they deserve better. Your 10" ex-boyfriend was probably some Shetland pony that happened to find itself in the wrong place at the wrong time. It probably felt so ashamed that it drowned itself after you forced it to mate with your deformed, pus-filled vagina. "

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    Dear god this was an embarrassment to not only this site, but to all mankind

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