Why must I cry?

Sometimes, you befriend a fatherless ghetto boy and he does nothing but steal from you. Sometimes, you father twins with a woman you feel no love for. Rehdogg knows how it is. You can feel the emotion in his voice as he lathers himself up in the shower, walks around in the woods, and goes to batting practice.

As absurd as the imagery is, my mind can't help but try to string together all the non sequiter events in this video into some kind of coherent story: maybe he was taking the fatherless ghetto boy to little league practice and along the way, the kid hijacks the car from Rehdogg (with Rehdogg's own gun that he took after Rehdogg was done with his daily "rolling on the floor while loading a clip" practice) and Rehdogg has to walk back to civilization through the woods and then when he gets home he's hell of dirty and has to take a shower and while he's in the shower he gets so upset that he goes and injects his girlfriend with fertility drugs and knocks her up with twins.

Rehdogg, you are truly too beautiful for this world. Godspeed, you possibly retarded rapper you.

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