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Submitted by Paul Rice

It's almost as if she's saying she has hers, so we should... go fuck ourselves?!

Oh, rich white girl. Oh stupid, stupid, beautiful, stupid rich white girl. Your loathsome, self-serving political views only amplify your beauty. You are like a fine statue who, though sculpted by the loving hand of a master artist, is composed of shit rather than clay. You are da Vinci's Mona Lisa with a visible cold sore. You are Monet's famous "Water Lilies" with a used condom floating on the surface. You are the lost chapter from Dante's Inferno where Dante has to take leave of his soujourn through heaven and hell because the Taco Bell he had last night gave him wicked diarrhea. Your ignorance complements your dining room far more perfectly than your 5000 dollar bureau or your solid Brazillian rosewood table and chair set ever could.

Let's run away together stupid, beautiful, stupid rich white girl. Let's run until our legs can carry us no further, and we then collapse into the grass as a cool breeze kisses our skin. I can run my fingers through your shitty blonde dye job while you seductively whisper sweet nothings about supply-side economics in my ear. We'd then make sweet, sweet, stupid white love. Perhaps you'd even let me do anal, since it's obvious you think your shit doesn't stink. We can even do a little roleplaying, if you're up for it. I'll be John Galt and you can be a poor person and I will fuck you in the ass stupid, white, rich girl; I will fuck you in the ass literally and metaphorically. Later, when my semi-flacid penis brings you to orgasm, just remember: I don't mind if you scream his name rather than mine. In fact, it would only deepen my own pleasure to hear you moan:

"Oh, Dr. Paul. I never dreamed it could be this good."

Nor did I, stupid, rich, white, stupid rich girl. Nor did I.

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