Here's the last video! I hope you die!

Submitted by Daniel Kostuj

This song puts the "tite" in "stalactite"!

Okay that does it for this week's AwfulVision, but before I thank everybody and then say "See you jerks next time", I have a request! Next update, I plan on trying out something new and ambitious for the article. I am not going to say what exactly that new and ambitious thing is just yet (mainly because I don't want a bunch of emails telling me what a stupid, unfunny idea it is), but trust me: it is both new and ambitious (at least more ambitious than my usual unfunny schlock). In fact, it may actually involve me putting upwards of "several" hours of effort into this new thing I'm working on.

So, here's what I need some of you or one of you or all of you or none of you to do: scour Youtube. Find something somewhat longish (i.e. no less than 5 minutes and no more than 15). As usual, make sure it lends itself to mockery. Also, see if you can't find something that has a lot of "stuff" going on. Maybe it's some stupid kids shooting a horrible "movie" they wrote with their mom's video camera. Maybe it's some stupid meme attempt that fails to be funny. Maybe it's something else. I guess what I'm saying is "don't submit some dude making a VLOG where it's just him sitting there the entire time" unless it has a constant stream of funny shit happening.

So, yeah, that's it. Somewhat longish, mockery-worthy and a decent amount of "stuff" happening. You can submit any entries for my special request here (note: it is still my normal email address but I conveniently changed the subject line for you).

Thanks for reading all these words! As a thank you, here are some more words to read: thanks to everyone who sent in a video this week and thanks in advance to those of you who help me with my request. If you'd like to submit a video that just may appear on this very article, you can submit the hell out of that shit right here.

See you jerks next time!

– Seth "Occupy Japan" Bailey

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