hell yes son HLEL YES SON

Rollin' in the short bus smokin' Sharpies sippin' on apple juice. Laid back (with my mind on my markers and my markers on my mind).

Critics Corner

"hahah funny shit i smoke markers all the time aswell."


these ppl thinking its wrong and shit
nobody really gives a shit
every1 does mean and bad things"


"Lighten up assholes. It was funny and you know it. Stop being politically correct liberal fucktards, it gets you absolutely nowhere."

-ApAKKAlypse (it's worth pointing out that this fellow, who's throwing around terms like "liberal" and "politically correct", is 16, loves skateboarding, weed, Linkin Park, and his favorite movie is American Pie. Be sure to stop by his profile and tell him what a fine, upstanding young man he is!)

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