hehe im sucha nerdy grrl :-P muah ;-D

hehe this is just a lil video of me sittin in a bathtub (tryin to wash the stink of shame off muhself :-D) lol rantin' and ravin' about who the fuck knows what hehehei'm so random PURPLE MONKEY CHEEZE lol that is an example of how random i am. do you like my hat??? haha i'm wearin' it ironically i love wearing my ironi-hat and just sittin' mah buttz0r down in a bathtub and makin a long ass fuckin video that seth "occupy japan" bailey then has to watch lol too bad he would rather choke me to death with a belt and then dump my body in a lake than watch more than 5 seconds of mah wacky video lol hehe i'm sucha nerddddd l8trz sk8trz lol ;-* ;-D

Critics Corner

"I've always wanted to be bad ass enough to wield a big, rough forged hand and a half sword, sturdy and made for business. But I'm more likely to be able to handle a shiny pair of elven long knives. What do you prefer?


-zendulo (the piece of trash that posted the video)

"I hear you, baby. I was vegan once. Of course I was an awful vegan... I mostly lived off of vegan bacos."

-zendulo (Gah hahaha! Soooo WACKY!)

"Uruk-hai orc, I won't hate on the horde."

-zendulo (because all you need to be "omg such a nerd grrl <3" is to play World of Warcraft and NOTHING ELSE.)

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