Here are a couple more contributions from nocturna which look like they want to be your friend while devouring your soul.

This final sock puppet from the appropriately named Wandering Knitter looks so soft that I would make underwear from it if it wasn't for the potential itching problem.

I am so afraid of these terrifying creatures that I simply have to end things here, but take a look at Plethora's online store to perhaps purchase one of these monsters. But if you get scammed, tell me so I can delete this link and deny all knowledge. Thanks as always to the loyal batch of forum goons for their help this week. Anyone who has ever seen one of these guys last a 36 hour World of Warcraft session with no trips to the bathroom will know how creative the goons can get with their socks. Next week will see a brand new Comedy Goldmine giving you more tips on how to live your life with confidence and style, so please remember to check back here next Tuesday.

– Craig "Russ" Russell

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