The man shakes his head and walks away from you, tears still in his eyes.

"I'm tired of your games... Go back to whatever hell you crawled out of and take your curse with you."

He spits in your direction.

"We had to kill those seals for food! We didn't know they were yours..." he clenches his fist.

"We've... I've... done everything you asked. Now show mercy and kill me, or leave me alone."


> tap man on shoulder while he is looking away, when he turns to face you, kick him in the stomach and proceed with the fucking stone cold stunner


You catch the man while he's distracted and deliver your signature finishing move.

You appear to have knocked the man unconscious.

You lose the can of beans from your inventory.

Izumi Konata



You manage to scrape some of the BEANS off of your coat and the floor and collect them in your pocket. What a mess.


> pray for guidance to Melek Taus, the peacock deity of the Yazidi People.


You drop to your knees and pray for salvation. For whatever reason, you choose to pray to a very specific and ancient deity that really has no influence on your people or the nearby area.

Regardless, the room flashes with blinding light. You are bombarded by rays of color from all parts of the visible spectrum.

A being appears of bright feathers and large plumage.

It looks at you, extremely confused.

It shrugs and lays a rainbow colored EGG and then vanishes as quickly as it appeared. You add the EGG to your inventory.

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