Choose Your Own Adventure auteur Atma came up with a new tale to tell, a frostbitten account of a man stranded in a wintry hell with nothing to keep him company except pungent corpses and a few haunted survivors. But instead of following this grim narrative to its depressing conclusion, the SA Goons added some color (peacock feathers, yellow snow), companions (Goku, an 8-legged freak) and competition (World Martial Arts Tournament?) to make our nameless protagonist's quest less bleak, lonely and boring! Surely he'd thank them for everything, except the times they got him killed.


Happy Bear Suit

>pee name in the snow


>cut dick off with knife
>put severed dick in can
>pack canned dick with snow to keep it fresh
>use scope to search for hospital

Sudden Loud Noise

>Put scope in mouth to determine if scope is mouthwash.

Mumpy Puffinz

>use scope


You pull the telescope from your pocket and gaze to the north.

Turning around, you keep the scope to your eye and gaze to the south.


>eat snow just a whole dang lot of snow


>go to tent
>examine tent
>take everything, including the tent


You walk south, passing a line of piled stones littered with various markers. In the distance, you notice a canvas tent. You proceed to investigate.

You arrive at the entrance of a large canvas tent. You notice a layer of dark, red snow nearby. You hear soft groans from inside the tent.

Stottie Kyek

> read that hot new Marx and Engels book everyone's been buzzing about


> Build A Snow Goku


Feeling restless, you decide to take the time to construct a figure out of some of the nearby snow. The snow is extremely powdery and doesn't stick together very well, but you're able to use some of the dark red snow nearby to make the process easier. The reddish coloring turns out to be perfect to make a pair of pants, and you use some stones nearby to form a large stack for its hair. Oddly, you notice some large bones strewn about nearby. What luck - they make for perfect arms!

You step back and admire your work. This took nearly a half an hour, and you feel very cold.

Bip Roberts

>open a "man sized" hole in the side of that tent with knife


You pull out your knife and slit into the side of the tent flap, pulling back the canvas...

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