There has to be a way to hang a bag of wine from my shower head, and get a long plastic tube thing on it to use as a crazy straw, so I can just sip wine hands-free the whole time I'm showering. Time to go to the hardware store!


Go to your local drugstore and buy an enema kit. It's a hot water bottle with clear plastic hose and a stop/start thing (can't remember the name) on the hose. Rinse inside of water bottle, fill with wine. Cap and insert plastic hose. On the end of the water bottle is a hole. Get a clothes hanger and put it through the hole. Hang off of shower rod or curtain rod.

You're welcome.


Going to pick up a box of wine on the way home from work, tear off the packaging, put on my viking helmet, and become showerviking


Ducttaping a bladder of boxwine to the shower-wall is proving harder than I thought it would be, 5-liters is surprisingly heavy.

Guess I better drink a few liters to make it easier.

Solice Kirsk

Now you can shove your head right under there while lathering and still be able to drink!

Frank Fencepost

Like a cow's udder...


I have a bachelor dilemma. It's laundry day, so I have gone and washed all the clothes I wore this week, including the ones I was wearing. Kicking around naked drinking cheap beer while it washes is great, and not my dilemma. My problem comes when the wash cycle finishes. I don't have a clothes dryer, but there is one opposite my place, I have my coins ready to go... but I don't have any unwashed clothes to put on. I haven't showered yet, so I don't really want to put on new clothes, especially not just to walk across the road. Do you think it would be appropriate to wrap myself in a beach towel to wander over and put my clothes on to dry?

Minion of Cthulhu

Find/make something to hang them on? Handrail, balcony, 550 cord strung up between doors in your house/apartment, just a few suggestions.


What's the lowest setting on your oven?


I was cramping really bad from my period and for some reason my heating pad decided to stop working. I didn't want to walk a whole ten blocks to get a new one at the supermarket, so I called pizza hut instead. Once it was delivered I spent about twenty minutes laying down with a warm pizza box on my gut, knowing how goddamn ridiculous I looked.

Of course after that I realized I didn't want any pizza, so now its sitting in my fridge to be breakfast and lunch for a week.

Diet Poison

The only time I left the house this weekend was a couple hours ago, to grab a McRib. It occurs to me I haven't showered all weekend, either. In fact, pretty much the only things I did this weekend (besides eat, sleep, and shit) were reading comics and watching Netflix.

Bachelor, or just kinda sad?

Daikatana Ritsu

Sounds like you need some in you, I know I do!

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