Gene Hackman Fan

ahh, this parcel contains a stone --small in size, but a massive power is contained within. If you swallow it, balances your humours so that your nose is no longer congested with phlegm. this particular parcel does not cause an overwhelming sense of lassitude, so one may continue in their quest.


Is that? *gasps* the giant shókobár of Barad Dur... its strange shape is said to drive those who would eat it to madness

Shakill OReal

Haste Crystals... Haste Crystals! Get your haste crystals here! Yes, yes and you'll need one of these glass wands, too.


look, this is a glass vial with a lil fake flower in it. you smoke crack with it.

"ooga booga?"

omigod, look--you heat up this end with fire. see? fiiiiiire. ever heard of it?

"mmm... pretty"

no! don't sniff the flower, you savage! it's not real! smoke the damn crack!

Shakill OReal

For just thirteen coins I will sell you this tab of scroll I found on the floor of an alchemist's shoppe after there was an explosion, I believe a bit of the potion may have soaked in...


All thine companions are imbibing it

December Octopodes

Dare to say yes to drugs

for if ye do not, thine comrades will know thee for a coward


Aragorn: Samwise, do you know kingsfoil?

Sam: aye, it's a weed!

Aragorn, nodding and smiling: awww yeeah

Don We Now

i'm waiting for thy man
twenty-six florins in my hand
up to venice, 1225
feel foule and tainted
more melancholic than sanguine
i'm waiting for thy man

– David "g0m" Dolan (@g0m)

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