wolf_man posted:

look in the apparatus for some human body armor that has two long tubes, place lower appendages inside. Place the animal hide infront of your weapon(the club) inside the double tube body armor.

proceed to find body armor for top half of body.

Orders completed.

dangerz posted:

Turn gold knob and exit room. Explore next room.

Next room appears to be a long corridor lined with more doors. There is a sign labeled "EXIT".

Ninja-Phil posted:

There is an portal below the exit sign. See if you can open it.

Portal below sign has opened.

Funky HotDog posted:

An enemy approaches! Quickly, drop your pants and arm yourself!

The human is not retreating.

Nightcap posted:

Do not forget to raise your weapon. The human does not fear because your weapon is not at stance. Strengthen it!

Buzkashi posted:

Initiate battle, swing your club at it!

The human is fighting back. Should I escape through the portal?

Sheep posted:

It is clearly in the humans' nature to fight, what with their natural endowment of weapons.

Use what we have learned from the snake-box machine that was thrown at the spinning chopper machine to subjugate all life forms in the building!

I declare myself the winner. The first Xxathaxian victory on earth!

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