Mouse Has Knife

"If someone fires a bullet at you, couldn't you just like, get out of the way really fast?"

Cocktail Kitten

In one of my design classes we were discussing the future of rapid prototyping. For those who don't have to make models of products and things on the fly, there is a type of machine than can make you, say...a teapot out of a starch compound. The professor even brought in some samples of garden tools and car parts that had been made out of this starch compoun.

It's called a 3D printer and it is a great way to see the object you are designing in real life without the expense and time of other prototyping methods.

As the prof is wrapping up the discussion, this notoriously materialistic rich kid raises his hand and says:
"3D printers are immoral!"

Oookay...Prof asks him to elaborate.

"Well if you have a 3D printer, what's to stop you from using it to make more 3D printers? Or guns? Or diamonds? Or iPods? Why would anyone pay for products if they can just print them? It's like stealing and its wrong"

The class was dead quiet. I kept waiting for someone to verbally bitch slap him, but it never came. So somewhere out there, there is a kid terrified that someone right now is using a 3D printer to print out a cooler cell phone/laptop/car/than the one he paid for.


Setting: Chemistry class.
Girl's age: 17

"So, can anyone name one of the chemical elements?"

The girl raised her hand.


"Chewing gum".


I grew up in Georgia. No shortage of yahoos. In a US History class, we were discussing the end of the Civil War. Some chick actually asked: "Wait, wait wait...the South won, right?"

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