Some chick behind me announced "HEY TURN OFF THE BUNSEN BURNER YOU ARE WASTING ELECTRICITY". Thankfully my chemistry teacher heard this and booted her from the class. We overheard him outside having a shouting match with the department head asking why he had to teach the mentally disabled.


In history class:

"When was the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre?"

"July 12th 1929?"


"If you sit on the sun, will you die?"

(7th grade science class)

Samurai Sanders

Some kid in 9th grade health class, reading a report about cancer:

"Cancer patients all over the world shave their head so they can feel solidarity with each other"

Oh, that class went from boring to hilarious in an instant.


"Why don't third world countries just become normal?"


"I wonder if Friday the 13th will ever be on Halloween?"


When they first talked to use in class about sex in 6th after the entire presentation one kid had a question for the teacher.

"When do boys have their period?"

I thought that was the funniest thing ever at the time.

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