Alright. The silly nerd police have arrived and the silly nerds are being hauled off in paddywagons. We can look at their silly movies in peace, now.

"derMoerder" created a bit of an oxymoron by using the words "geek" and "wedding" in the same sentence:

"derMoerder" created brilliance on a stick with this one, and I don't mean corndogs.

"elpool" has me waiting on the edge of my seat for this film!

"goat" is one of THOSE people. One of those TOWER people. I'll fix him with my steam tanks, though, so no matter. I AM COMING FOR YOU, GOAT.

"illumn8d" can't spell well but he made this parody poster. Unfortunately it is inaccurate because I don't believe that any females ever played Doom.

"skidooer" presents: TERROR IN POSTER FORM!!

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