Skwerl was able to make this Kane.

Stoo is the envy of many a nerd and Slash fan by finding a way to enable his avatar to wear a top hat.

Stupid_Sexy_Flander created business-casual Jesus.

Tripred also created this horrifying vampire, in a snazzy winter coat.

Finally, Zefiel took time out from going on man-dates with his cousin to create this Nico Belic avatar.

What have we learned from this endeavor? I guess we've seen that implementing these avatars was a terrible idea and Microsoft's desperate bid to grab some of the "casual gamer" market share from Nintendo has caused them to alienate their hardcore fan-base. I am so angry with this outcome that I am too furious to even thank the forum goons for contributing this week. Next week's Comedy Goldmine will feature a 30 page essay on why Sega have been unable to make a good Sonic game for well over a decade. Get ready to take some notes and join me next Tuesday for the most exciting lecture of your life!

– Craig "Russ" Russell

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