Did you know that seatbelt laws only apply if forward momentum is being applied to the car? That means you can reverse without a seatbelt as much as you want, and the cops can't do shit. If you liked that tit-bit of info, you'll LOVE these additional facts and tips from the SA forum goons, or you'll hate them or be ambivalent about them.

Ace of Baes

the more wheels your car has the faster it can go, that's why they banned 18 wheelers from nascar

drilldo squirt

If a cop is already giving someone a ticket, feel free to burn out and give the officer the finger before driving off.

Ace of Baes

if someone challenges you to a race just reverse then go forward, you passed the finish line before them so you'll win

drilldo squirt

Putting a home made, life size, doll in the passenger seat not only gives you access to the carpool lane, it gives you someone to talk to on those long distance drives.

drilldo squirt

Spoilers make your car go faster but really piss off your friends in the car with you.


you can save on gasoline consumption if you leap from your car into the draft of a semi. this doubles as a napping hack, because you can sleep while floating behind the semi

drilldo squirt

Covering your car with cheetah blood makes your car go faster but it has a low return considering how much you have to spend killing all those cheetahs.

Ace of Baes

next time you hear someone beeping at you consider this, they might be trying to communicate in morse code, it's a language us underground traffic hackers use


Make yourself colorblind, that way you won't have to stop at red lights because they look the same as green lights

Ace of Baes

A lot of bridges and overpasses have height clearances, but if you make the rest of your car look really small they'll just think you're really far away

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