deebo questions your motives in this latest fool's errand.

dingolord is pleased that you decided to do business with Target today.

Dubios Merit is eponymous.

Fizzlebah has some important information regarding your car insurance.

Fozaldo may actually be several cats - no one is quite sure.

Zorro voted for Roosevelt. Teddy Roosevelt.

is convinced the moon is a myth.

Gramps smells like leather and basements.

Horace is that rough beast, its hour come at last, slouching toward Bethlehem to be born.

Irafe is not what I ordered.

Jalertic has seen the best minds of his generation destroyed by catnip.

Javid is incredibly sneaky.

lagomorph knows that impossible is the opposite of possible.

II Crayola II7 needs a better username.

LordBukkake would like to know if he can interest you in some stamps today.

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