Two weeks, roughly 13,000 Perler beads, and several minor burns went into making this. It's a portrait of Ladytron's lead singer Helen Marnie from the Light & Magic album cover.

Admiral Goodenough

I made a Spock doll for my little sister


I make weird things out of thread


I made a little cut-paper shadowbox thingy as a Christmas present for a friend (who loved it):


I work in pipe cleaners. Whenever I tell people this I always have to follow it up with photo evidence or else they think I'm some retard who twists two pipes together and calls it "art."


I made a houseboat. From scratch. Out of plywood. In another state.

And I don't even really like boats that much.

Thanks to the SA Forum Goons for sharing their awesome creations! Expect a sequel someday, both because I held a few things back and because this kind of update usually inspires people to make their own cool things!

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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