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I was sitting on the toilet the other day and I was wondering, "What would it be like if the FAFSA was about Harry Potter?" With today's update my dream has finally come true.

You know, I have never used an image editing program before in my life other than to resize and convert pictures. I can't even match the font much less align the goddamn letters properly. Regardless, it took roughly five hours just to make those godawful images. I didn't even know what a layer was until about a hour into it. Never again my friends. Never again.


Fan mail

Subject: Woot! A site I'm registered at got on Awful Link!

Wicked. I actually belong to Restricted Section, and you are right, this is some really sick shit. I registered there because stopped hosting NC-17 content. Restricted section does possess some manner of quality control, but because no type of content is banned, some stories can be highly disturbing.

You should take a look at It's a lesson in how not to write. At least one in three fics is a Mary Sue, and one in four contains male pregnancy.

I still stand by my favorite pairing. Harry/Voldemort is the ultimate in forbidden love.

I mean, what's the point in fan fiction if you add nothing of your own? Why bother with Ron/Hermione? That brings nothing new to the table.


– Hassan "Acetone" Mikal

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