Steve: Aaaaaaah!!! Skeletons!

Zack: You enter a room full of skeletons. This seems like some sort of control room for the bathroom. There are all sorts of gauges and dials to control the toilets. There is a door to the South and the door you just came from.

Steve: Why are they all naked?

Zack: You're not sure how long they have been here so their clothes could have rotted away.

Steve: No, that skeleton in the office was wearing a shirt. I'm going to take my clothes off just to be sure this isn't a trap.

Zack: But they died naked!

Steve: Yeah, but maybe these skeleton dudes know something I don't. I'm going to put my clothes in a bag and continue on naked. Head south.

Zack: You are in an office similar to the Skeleton Office. There is a plaque on the nearest desk that says Robot Office. Several robots are drinking coffee or grasping carbon blocks with their claws. They haven't noticed you yet. There is a large door to the south.

Steve: I am going to try to sneak out of there. Robots will make you do all kinds of paperwork.

Zack: The robots do not notice you and you continue through the door to the south.

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