Zack: You enter the Skeleton's Office. A terrifying space skeleton is seated behind a space desk. There are also space cabinets above him and a space refrigerator next to him.

Steve: Is he busy?

Zack: He seems very busy.

Steve: I sit down and wait for him to be available.

Zack: A day passes.

Steve: I ask him if he's still busy.

Zack: He doesn't reply.

Steve: What is he doing now?

Zack: Sitting motionless in the exact same position as when you entered.

Steve: This guy is a joke. I'm not going to put up with any more of this business. I walk around and I want to see what's on his TV there.

Zack: He is watching skeleton pornography.

Steve: What's happening?

Zack: A skeleton is laying on the ground. There is a basket full of bones on a shelf. Two other skeletons are standing up.

Steve: I don't want my donkey to see this and get any ideas. I need to get out of here!

Zack: There's a bathroom across the hall, but you're going to need the Space Skeleton Bathroom Key.

Steve: How do I get that?

Zack: The skeleton gives it to you and reminds you to return it when you're done.

Steve: I take the key, but I don't intend to return it.

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