Zack: A power that turns your genitals into a weapon.

Steve: It's actually a whole charm set that basically lets you fight people with sex moves. Pretty boss if you ask me.

Zack: It is extremely mature.

Steve: An adult theme.

Zack: We're two mature adults, here, right? We can sit around my kitchen table and roll some dice up for when I throw my dick into a nightmare dragon's asshole.

Steve: I'm playing a girl with huuuuuuuge boobs that are like knives.

Steve: Also guns.

Zack: Yeah so this happened in an official product.

Steve: They won't even show this on a porno in a hotel room.

Zack: Does that still exist?

Steve: I'm sure it does. What else would old ladies watch when they go to a wedding?

Zack: Shrek.

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