Winner Best Meatball With a Trumpet

Zack: Reader "alx" flooded the zone and flooded our inbox with submissions.

Steve: All but one was a 3D rendering like this. His strategy worked, because he did manage to crack the top 3, but he also sent in some really bad ones.

Zack: There was one that was just a schoolgirl in a locker room with tentacles coming after her.

Steve: Is that Eazy-E?

Zack: During his often forgotten extreme sports phase. Do you remember when he was a snowboarder?

Steve: He trained riding skateboards behind a low rider in the LA river.

Zack: Jamming out with Station, who looks like somebody microwaved a gumdrop.

Steve: To be fair, that describes about a third of the monsters in the Call of Cthulhu book.

Zack: You're telling me if that was in a toilet you wouldn't be flushing until it went away?

Steve: I'm telling you that I wouldn't look a gift-gug in the split-head maw.

Zack: Alright, alright, thank you alx.

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