Trapper by Johnny Ashley

Zack: Smear them in Stun Jelly and throw them on the Trapper to wrestle it out.

Steve: Flip-flops don't seem like proper dungeoneering footwear.

Zack: Obviously you've never been to Party Beach Dungeon.

Steve: Is that the one ruled by that evil lich that doesn't want anyone to have any fun and he keeps trying to bust all the parties and get everyone put on academic probation.

Zack: Yes, Dean Wormer.

Night Hag by RB

Zack: I think this is supposed to be an erotic depiction of your run-in with a Night Hag in Journey to the Rock. Do you recall the shame?

Steve: If D&D authors didn't want me to do a hot babe hard then they shouldn't have chained her to a wall.

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