Mind Flayer by Psycho Tiyal

Zack: I wonder if the artist on this one spent a lot of time studying images of old people butts. I bet they did. That is an old person butt.

Steve: Wait a second, how could you spot that?

Zack: Let's just say my version of your PB&J fantasy job involves old people butts. And guess what, Steve, I'm living the fantasy all thanks to Google.

Steve: Absolute searching corrupts absolutely.

Zack: That's what happened to Tom Sizemore.

Ettin by Harold

Steve: Heck yeah, now this is what I'm talking about.

Zack: I think she's doing a breast self-exam.

Steve: Detect cancer would be a pretty good spell. Way more useful than detect evil when you think about it.

Zack: Yeah, who is defining evil here? I didn't vote for Pelor.

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