Steve: I will die before you convince me this thing isn't totally 100% heavy metal kick ass.

Zack: He does look pretty kickass.

Steve: I know, right? He looks like he could step out of some sinister alcove and punch the brains out of some dude's skull.

Zack: Yeah, he does, too bad looks can be deceiving. You see that text about Zodar not talking? That's because Zodar is a bullshit Dungeon Master tool for making sure the party survives encounters. As you and I both know the purpose of the DM is not to hand-hold and protect the "gaming experience," it's to brutally murder the entire party as diabolically and violently as possible.

Steve: I think I remember that from the intro text in the DMG. Still, I don't care. Zodar looks like a badass, he has badass stats, even the fact that he never says anything is cool. Like a cowboy.

Zack: The Good, the Bad and the Mary Sue.

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