Zack: Some day we will all climb those stairs and put our head on the executioner's block, Steve.

Steve: That's a pretty grim way to end the article.

Zack: You don't think it's profound?

Steve: Thinking about like the difference between an atom and a galaxy and how they are similar. That's profound. This is just a bummer, dude. We all die? Okay, Flaming Lips, thanks for bumming us all out.

Zack: You get the last word, Steve.

Steve: I just wanted to say, we joked around a whole bunch and had fun or whatever, but this really does make me sad. Frank was sort of like one of my main influences as a kid. Like there's him and Boris Vallejo, Murdoch from the A-Team, Flash Gordon and Michael J. Fox, and of course, the Terminator, who no matter what was happening he always had an answer. So I guess right now I wish I could look on the list in my eye menu and see what the right thing to say would be, but since I'm not a produce of Cyberdyne Systems, I just want to say that Frank Frazetta will be missed.

– Zack Parsons and Steve "Malak" Sumner (@sexyfacts4u)

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