Zack: Yeppppp, did about 500 reps. Jumped over the naval mine a few times. Got my neck nice and long. Diaper is a mess though.

Steve: I wish I knew where all these superheroes get their boots. They're like rubber gloves for your feet.

Zack: The Hero Hut off I-65. We've got deals on latex shoes, diaper briefs, totally pointless belts, pouches of every size and description, and uncomfortably tight bodysuits for women.

Steve: I will go where the tight bodysuits are.

Zack: That bold, black text on that image is really striking. I bet you could put anything in there and it would still look awesome.

Zack: Hang on, let me try it:

Steve: That is not awesome at all, bro.

Zack: Y'all jus' jealous.

Steve: Consider me in the antipumpy camp.


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