Lowtax: Haha your web sucks, you stupid spider. Look at that shit, it's like the hair of a creature from a Dr. Seuss book.

Zack: "Yeah, nice try, Charlotte. You can't unlock a table. Fucking idiot spiders."

Lowtax: "That's the key to room 203. I said I wanted the key to room 302 you idiot spider."

Zack: And then it spends most of a day making a web to reach to the key hanging from the 302 peg only to have a treasure hunter walk through it.

Lowtax: I'm not even sure the spider is capable of picking up that goofy looking key. That web's foundation is shaky at best.

Lowtax: Like he's gonna get that sucker two inches off the ground and just fall.

Zack: "Mom, I think the spider has been reading my diary again!"

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