Zack:" Hey, uh, anybody seen my other skeleton arm? No? Okay...sorry about the wall."

Lowtax: What the hell is going on here?

Lowtax: An octopus / clock hybrid, a clocktopus, just got busted during basement remodeling

Zack: It is the human condition. The inevitability of our demise. Time, death, tentacles.

Zack: I like to think the clocktopus is interrupting a stand up set.

Lowtax: "Honey I'm going to knock down this and wall and just OH MY GOD, COME DOWN HERE, I JUST FOUND SOMETHING RETARDED"

Zack: What do you do when this thing hops out of your wall?

Lowtax: I think the skeleton is doing something improper to its lower region

Zack: Call the police?

Lowtax: CLOCKTOPUS: "Hey buddy, gimmie a hand! Ha ha get it? Because both of mine are missing? Aw shit, well the joke would be better if there wasn't a hand right in front of me"

Zack: CLOCKTOPUS: "Has this ever happened to you? You're flying through the infinite black space between the walls of reality when suddenly a skeleton smacks right into your clock face and breaks it. It's like, of all the infinite black, you had to be right in my way? What are the odds?"

Zack: "And that's how your mother and I met"

Zack: She was a prancer laid off from the graveyard because some illegal stole her job and I was a quantum leaping clock with octopus arms. They say opposites attract, but I don't even know what that is.

Lowtax: Oh, I see. We've come full circle. Now we're back in chubby naked racist demon's mancave.

Zack: It's called a "callback" do I need to smash through a wall at the Comedy Store and explain it to you?

Lowtax: Don't bother, just come through the doorway, there's nothing stopping you anymore.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@richard_kyanka)

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