Lowtax: "Honey, come to the door and look out the peephole. I swear that house has gotten closer to ours"

Lowtax: "Don't provoke it, dear"

Lowtax: Tomorrow they wake up and their homes have merged and there's another peephole above that house too.

Zack: Maybe it's the other way around. Someone is peeping on the house Erin Andrews style.

Zack: "Oh yeah, look at those shingles, baby. Oh, god, wait until the Internet gets a load of those gables. Hubba, hubba."

Lowtax: No, wait, it's a bowling ball!

Lowtax: it's a beautiful, exquisitely decorated bowling ball of haunting sorrows.

Zack: A macabre bowling ball.

Zack: They always say when there's an eclipse not to look at it through your hotel door.

Lowtax: I'd love to see the kind of dude who rolls with a haunted house bowling ball during league play.

Zack: I'm guessing he wearing a polo shirt with a cravat.

Lowtax: "Oh this is my lucky ball. It reminds me of crummy houses"

Lowtax: Do you think the light on the top floor is perhaps from a SKELETON HAND?

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