Zack: Alright everybody, I hope you have a good look, because this is what happens when you text while driving.

Lowtax: You turn into the corpse of Mikhail Gorbachev?

Zack: Yes, with a side of curly fingers.

Lowtax: He's carrying concealed.

Zack: Concealed carry would be much easier in a society that embraced capes once more.

Lowtax: What's he have to worry about anyway? I mean, he's sharing a fantasy world with prancing gay skeletons and spiders that unlock your doors.

Lowtax: He knows NOTHING about the US.

Zack: Uh, I don't know, how about Illegals.

Zack: Filling up our tombs. Stealing all our headstones.

Zack: Prancing for half as much as an American skeleton.

Zack: They don't pay for their Nintendos. We do.

Lowtax: "They offered to put a skull on my two books for HALF the price of a white skeleton"

Lowtax: Wait, how did undead Mikhail Gorbachev turn into the chubby naked white demon man?

Zack: Mexican book builders and Chinese microscopes.

Zack: He's not the same, he just has the same problems.

Lowtax: So according to you, only racists die and come back to life.

Zack: Is it racist to be proud of your own race though? Why isn't there an Undead Entertainment Television?

Lowtax: There is one. It's in creepy chubby uncle's basement.

Zack: The robot films it.

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