Zack: You fly out of Arganistan and Professor X brain calls you and tells you to fly to Australia. You find the third bomb using the detector, but when you land and investigate you find only the bomb portion and no Plutonium core. Tracks from a Jeep lead to the cavern and away again.

Steve: The X-Men search for signs of Magneto.

Zack: Wolverine detects his scent, but he also finds a map of Australia's East Coast. Someone has dawn a skull and crossbones over Sydney, the capital city.

Steve: Looks like Magneto is working with pirates. But why sabotage his own device? Oh well, we take the third bomb back to the jet.

Zack: As you climb into the jet you hear an announcement over the radio. It's a news bulletin claiming there are terrorists threatening to detonate a device in Sydney unless their demands are met.

Steve: The pirates must have double-crossed Magneto. Alright, we're going to fly there and check it out.

Zack: "The trail leads to a large mall that has been turned into a battle zone. The Australian army has the area cordoned off and ringed with heavy tanks and guns. On the roof stands Magneto, cradling a metal object in his arms."

Steve: "We meet again for the last time Magneto," says Wolverine. "You've made your final mistake this time."

Zack: "I am tracking the fool making these bombs myself. See, the real thieves who took the plutonium are down there in the mall. I did save you in Arganistan though."

Steve: "Like I said, your final mistake!" Wolverine hollers and charges at him to kill Magneto's brains with his claws.

Zack: Magneto lifts Wolverine and Colossus up and hurls them at everyone else, bowling them over. He easily escapes.

Steve: "You won't escape again, Magneto!" we all holler in unison and run back to the jet.
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