Zack: Yo yo I am a vampire, homes.

Zack: I'm the only black vampire in this book / naturally they made me a rappin' crook.

Steve: I got a 5 in strength and my head is square, use dominate 2 and take you back to my lair

Zack: Blood in blood out in my body I mean / spendin blood like ducats (which I recall from the 13th century) to impress the queen

Steve: This rap seems sort of unwieldy.

Zack: Keep in mind we're white people writing a rap being sung by a black guy that is all white for a book written and edited and read entirely by white people for a game that only white people ever play.

Steve: I saw a black guy playing vampire once.

Zack: In person?

Steve: No. It was a Gen Con photo website.

Zack: Probably just mislabeled the photo. I'm sure he was playing Star Fleet Battles like all true money hustlas.
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