~3rd Place~

"Curtis and Sharla"


Random Oni Table Rolls

55 skeletal human body
47 large melon head
23 pointed nose 3x larger than a human
22 large round eyes
79 five arms of equal size
62 bird legs
18 small horns
96 mustard brown or yellow skin

Description: This is curtis and sharla they do meth and are constantly barbecuing cows they steal from a field near their trailer.

The Verdict

Zack: ZORRO CRUMB SHOULDER did a couple of really great images for the contest.

Steve: I don't really get this one. You said some stuff about style and originality, but there's a reason babes and barbarians and adventures factor into all the good artwork.

Zack: Sex sells?

Steve: I was gonna say all that stuff is badass as heck, but yours works also.

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