I started at the top with the small button for "Highly Recommended" Internet destinations. The creators of Blackbird combed through the Internet and from the tens of thousands of African American oriented websites and blogs they picked out only the finest spots for African American culture.

AOL Black Voices took me to the Black Voices website. Despite the AOL prefix, it's an okay site. It has been around for a while and mostly covers African American related news stories like Dionne & Ludacris: The Political Partners and celebrity articles that are kept away from the average white person because the headlines would confuse them. Articles like, "Swizz Beats & Mashonda call it quits" or an article about Jamal Crawford having a blog.

I'm afraid Black Planet was not quite so welcoming. Loading that site produced a message that it was designed for Firefox 2. The browser I was using was too black for Black Planet. Once I clicked past the warning I was treated to a social networking and diggesque site. It's a good site. It doesn't condescend to its audience with a bunch of slang and it offers a diverse selection of social groups devoted to BBWs, the Dallas Cowboys, and Ancient Kemetic Mystical Orders.

Whatever brain disease causes people to make animated GIF websites about craziness turns out to be colorblind.

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