Nizar Al Fahri is an 11-year-old from Damascus. He and his surviving family members fled the city in August of 2012 and have spent the last several months living in the Atima refugee camp in Turkey. He is familiar with the Internet, having used it many times before being forced into a refugee camp, but he has never used Tumblr and was not familiar with the concept of "plurals," "multiple systems," "therians," "otherkins," or "fictives."

Nizar responds to a Tumblr post in which a plural system believes one of their fictive headmates is Star Wars expanded universe character Jacen Solo:

Nizar Al Fahri

It must be very hard to see the person you are reflected back incorrectly. When you share control of your life with others you must feel very sad when that control is taken. This is what happened to my brother, Ammar, when the Shabiha suspect him of unlocking the building where he works so the FSA could set up an RPG ambush on the roof.

The Shabiha threatened that unless he swore an oath to Assad and revealed where the FSA's next ambush would be they would cut off his genitals. Well, he swore the oath, but he did not know where the next ambush would be, so how could he tell them? His fate was truly out of his hands as it is with you and the creative decisions made by the current owners of the Star Wars IP. Would Ammar have genitals or would he not? Jacen Solo, it is like this for you, I see. Chance and the decisions of other men will shape your essence.

Thankfully the FSA bombed the abandoned police station where he was being tortured and he was able to escape in the attack and now only has partial blindness and deafness.

Nizar responds to a Tumblr post in which a therian realizes the cause behind their inability to transform into a wolf:

Nizar Al Fahri

I know exactly your struggle. For months I did not know if I would live or die. I existed in constant fear of the future. Then one day I realized that I am already dead. Everyone I know is already dead. Death is certain, fearing it is a choice. Accepting this, my fear was gone. I hope you can find such peace.

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