~*~ Pet Island ~*~
Reppin': Skutter

Is my cat's mousing career over?- Someone took bahamut's outdoor cat to the vet and had both her front and rear sets of paws declawed and then put it back outside. Whatever you think about declawing, just know it's not safe for a declawed cat to be outside because it can't defend itself, especially out in the country. Also, country people are assholes.

My backporch has been taken over by 4 stray kittens.- Guitar Zero's porch gets taken over by four stray kittens. She cleans them up, feeds them and has already gotten two of them adopted.

Help me help MY GIRLFRIEND train her stupid dog- This just in: beating a dog and rubbing it's nose in it's own shit is NOT an effective method of potty training. Film at 11.

Aquarium Show and Tell- Check out this awesome thread full of PI goons' tanks. If you are thinking about starting your own aquarium, head over to this thread. These are awesome examples of how to have a great marine habitat.

Thinking about getting a dog- Ziir is thinking about getting a dog. He lets PI know that hates friendly dogs that lick and kicks them. He also says he prefers the method of training where you beat the dog instead of praising it. Then he mentions that he "was raised in a household that punished me and my siblings with slaps and the fear of dad making me find a stick for him to punish me with (cause if it's too small, he'll grab the legs off a chair, but you don't want something too big...)." His younger sister didn't get beaten and now she's spoiled. So if he doesn't beat his dog, it'll end up like his whiny ten-year old sister. He is also racist against black dogs.

~*~ The Firing Range ~*~
Reppin': Miso Beno

Daring Rescue Stories? - It would seem that MICHAEL ASSFACE is a sensitive individual who believes that helping people overcome their post traumatic stress disorder would be best resolved by talking about the actions they may have performed in the act of self defense.

A kB! of the most tragic variety - Milsurp fans across the world poured a 40oz Malt Liquor on the Curb for the loss of yet another piece of firearm history.

Tell me about weapon lights - TheDrunkenPilot should just buy a Streamlight TLR-1and be done with it.

A Rifle for the Missus. Help me buy her something pretty. - Apparently all women care about are delicate pretty things that require little effort to use. I suggested an M/44 Mosin Nagant. It's the TFR Way.


Jackass Vandals May Force Forestry Service to Close Public Range - While most comment on how a few individuals ruin everything for everybody else; Slurin's latent racism leaks out just a little bit in this thread.

What's on your "To Buy" list? - Can't think of what to waste your money on next? Why not steal some of TFR's ideas and call them your own.

SureFire Battery Explosion Warning - Warning, SureFire Lithium batteries contain volatile substances that may potentially harm the user if they are abused or used beyond their service life.

German Police Issue P6/P255 - Go buy yourself an inexpensive Sig Sauer pistol with a free holster before they stop being imported.

Czech All Steel Moon Bullet - I'm an attention whore, look at me! look at me!

~*~ The Crackhead Clubhouse ~*~
Reppin': Spakkafish
For generations drugs have fuelled the human sciences. Horticulture to aid in growth and cultivation,
chemistry to aid in manufacture and processing, and cheetos for when you have the munchies.

Music to listen to while high
Tokers share tracks, they’re not all cypress hill either!

A little help with my plants please
This thread by Fozaldo has many accounts of new greenfingers planting and growing,
with the help of other forum members beginners turn into experts.

The Opiates / Opioids Megathread!This weeks megathread is about opiates!
It’s like Oprah’s book of the week but much much sinister.

Let’s share artwork we created when we were under the influence of drugs
All the cool artwork is created with the influence of drugs, and this is the coolest.
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