~*~ Pet Island ~*~
Reppin': Skutter

Cat trees.- Olothreutes is building a cat tree for his cats, including 200' of sisal rope and a Swiss cheese hidey hole section. Maplecheese shares their thread that has plans and tips on how to build your own cat tree. It'll cost you a lot less than buying one from a pet store.

ASPCA Defines Responsible Breeders- Read as PI Goons debate working dogs, championships and titles, inbreeding versus line breeding, and a bunch of other crap no one really cares about. All you need to take away from this discussion is that pure-bred dogs are over-rated, spending hundreds of dollars on a dog is retarded unless you're showing/working it, and just go to a shelter and adopt a dog. It'll cost less and mutts are better anyway.

Yes the dog i want, but where do i go to find him?- NegrisMaximus finds out why it's a bad idea to pick breeds based solely how they look. Akitas get very aggressive if not trained properly and are on many landlords' lists of banned breeds. Shiba Inus have to be on a leash at all times while outside, and they scream.

Piper's Story- Some piece of shit veered off the road to purposely hit Piper, an 8-year old housecat. A wonderful person took Piper to the vet, and our own CatDoc arranged and agreed to a $5,000 orthopedic surgery to help Piper get better. Goons have donated twice as much as CatDoc's community has to help Piper. If you have a spare few dollars, please donate to a worthy cause. Any money that isn't used towards Piper's care will go to other needy animals at the hospital.

~*~ The Firing Range ~*~
Reppin': Miso Beno

Of Bolts and Men, or NOW I have a (working) machinegun ho ho ho - MY GIRLF...UZI.

The TFR Camoing and General Outdoors Thread - Go outside and get eaten by a bear.

Body Armor Question - Police Academy is so dangerous these days that all of the cadets need to purchase hard IIIA Plates and carriers just to attend their classes.

The Fishing Megathread - I thought a buzzbait was a Pokemon.

AR-15 HAS EVOLVED. AR-15 HAS LEARNED "CLASSY AS HELL". - Apparently wood on guns makes them classy. Unless that gun is an AK. AKs are never classy.

Help me out with a pistol scope (or red dot?) for my MK III - Ruger Mk III SNYPA Edition.

Masturbatory Fantasy Thread - What Would You Own If Price Was No Object? - I want a Trident Submarine and salty sailors to join me on my sexy undersea adventure.

I need a magpie murderin' machine - Padijun's angsty side creeps out at when someone suggests that he freeze paintballs in his attempt to murder a federally protected animal.

First time hunting, Black Bear, Help

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