~*~ Watch and Weight / The Goon Doctor ~*~
Reppin': adam jay harris

What's wrong with my butt? -
- Feels like something on my butthole
- Hurts a LOT
- Bleeds/smells"

Healthy desserts? - These forum warriors are partaking in the noble goon pursuit of finding the elusive "healthy" dessert.

Tell me how to eat healthy meals without much effort - I dont wanna do hard stuff but look good halp gunes

US Army settles on Blue Uniform - Finally! It's about time - we've been embarrassed far too many times at those military fashion shows.

~*~ Goons With Spoons ~*~
Reppin': Mr. Wiggles

ICSA XXX: Judge some Garlic!
- Come judge Iron Chef Battle Garlic! Gaaaaaaaaaaarlic......................

Getting a head start: food gifts for the holidays (again)
- Always a good thread for reminding you to get your fruitcakes started and your preserves preserved before the holiday rush hits.

Ramen Noodles Anyone? (American Ramen Fucking Suck Balls)
- If GWS had a mascot it'd be a criminal looking guy like the Hamburgler except he would just go around saying "Ramen ramen".

Let's talk about grilled cheese sandwiches.
- Goons with comfort food.

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