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1970 Nova with an LSx - 106mm turbo ITT!!!!

Some Petit LeMans Pictures - Petit LeMans pictures brought to you by kill me now.

MullardEL34's Corvair Introduction - some pictures of his Corvair as well as others chiming in with their Corvairs.

Bligatory Price of New Camaro Announced Link - General Motors has finally announced pricing for the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro, both in V6-equipped LS trim and the V8-powered SS model. The sticker for the LS will start at $22,995, while the SS commands $30,995. Both prices include the $750 destination charge and you can officially order yours today, October 13th.

The YouTube MegaThread has some decent content again. Repost!

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Ask me about Car Audio Part 3 - What? Sound systems arent't just for annoying teens anymore? Well, I'll be damned...

Sprint questions, new SERO, etc - Sprint has this employee referral thing, see, but you don't have to actually be referred by an employee to get it. Understand? Neither do I.

iPhone Games MEGATHREAD - How does this thing do 3D so nicely? Really! I don't get it!

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