~*~ Pet Island ~*~
Reppin': Skutter

To vaccinate or not vaccinate (annually)- A useful discussion about vaccination requirements and booster shots.

Stuff Your Pets Have Ruined- Includes pictures of the destroyed items and the perpetrators.

Soon to be new cat owner - what to get?- A great thread for anyone who's is looking to get a cat.

THE KENNEL CLUB is at it again- After the BBC expose showing that the UK Kennel Club's breeding requirements for show dogs were actually detrimental to their health, they have decided to change their requirements to reward actual healthy dogs, put the health of the puppies first and helping breeders expand the gene pool so purebred dogs stop being inbred dog.

~*~ The Firing Range ~*~
Reppin': Miso Beno

The Firing Range Education Week Curriculum Guide:

School's In: TFR's Second Annual Education Week - The Firing Range's in house "smarty pants" kicks off the second annual Firearms Educational week with a thread dedicated to educating us about education.

NFA/Title II 101 - Explore the government regulations related to the National Firearms Act, and Title II firearms. Professor Craptacular. Perquisites: Must live in a free state.

50 BMG Rifles 101 - Reach out and touch lightly armored vehicles and material using the venerable .50BMG cartridge. Professor B4ctom1. Prerequisite: Minimum of 2.0 in 50 Cal Ammo 101.

Glock Disassembly 203 - Go beyond field stripping standard Glock firearms to perform armorer level repairs and modifications to the popular Glock line of firearms. Professor Infrared35. Prerequisites: Glock Field Stripping 98

Newbie Training Techniques 341 - Hands on training in the newbie firearms education and poor technique reconditioning. Professor Walrusman. Prerequisites Firearms Safety 247, Basic Field Instruction 223, Marksmanship 101.

50 BMG Ammo 101 - Identify and utilize the most effective ammunition types for 50BMG rifles and machine guns. Professor B4Ctom1. Prerequisites Ammunition Identification 98.

Cross Dominance 271 - Compensating for poor genetics with good shooting techniques. Professor Paramemtic. Prerequisites:Basic Firearms Safety 101, Improvised Cleaning Rods 114.

Parkerization 101 - Applying complete military phosphate finishes to firearms and other steel objects. Professor Miso Beno. Prerequsites: Gun Plumbing 102

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